Ritratto 5 (4)Born in Genoa in 1979, during almost 8 years I have been living between Rome, Paris and Istanbul, working as a communications and project management consultant both for public and private companies.

Got back to my hometown in September 2014, my only goal is the CUSTOMER SATISFACTION and the fundamental elements of my work commitments are QUALITY and RELIABILITY, enhanced by a sprinkling of CREATIVITY.

Thanks to my ability to handle and promote events, I assure that the work process will be managed in the most organic and less stressful way .

I love proactive, innovative, supportive people and everyone who care about the environment around us.

For this reason, I commend the most cutting-edge works of graphic and web design to Sea Blossom.

“They sung don’t waste your hate
rather gather and create
be of service, be a sensible person
use your words and don’t be nervous
you can do this, you’ve got purpose”

Manifesto by Nahko & Medecine for the People